Frequently asked questions

How often are new designs available?

For now, at least, M:R is in it's infancy. I know doesn't look like it but M:R is a one man band! Designs will come and designs will go. Best thing to do is keep an eye on your instagram, check the latest on Twitter, scroll through Facebook but most useful, sign up to our newsletter. Any new design news will be delivered straight to your inbox as well as exclusive offers and discounts that WONT be advertised on the site.

Can I return my underwear?

Sadly not. Because they are undergarments and of the hygiene ethic that comes with them, the underwear cannot be returned due to personal preference. Please double check with the washing instructions, the size guide on our website and how the undies look on other people on our instagram feed. However, if you think there is a substancial fault with the underwear you have purchased, please take a photo of this, email the photo and problem to us, we will revise the situation and get back to you. If the technical fault looks nasty in any way, we will of course issue a refund.

Did I hear 'free underwear'?

That you did! Every month you may be eligible for a free pair of undies, completely on us. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself in a pair that you previously bought, looking handsome and confident! Doesn't matter who you are, just show your pride in wearing our undies and tag us on Instagram. At the end of each month a lucky chap will be chosen, and a pair will be sent out soon after!

And what of the environment pledge?

The world is in a truly severe situation. This is why M:R is adament not to add to the problem. Packaging is made from eco friendly, bio degradable materials. True this isn't phenomenal, but it's a start. We are also looking into new fabrics that are more eco friendly - and usually of higher quality.

How should I care for my underwear?

Good question. While many of our designs are made with fabric that is easily washable, some aren't. Some of our underwear has a luxurious, silky quality to them that needs to be maintained through careful washing. Please do not exceed a wash more than 30 degree celcius to protect that wonderful feel. Each garment has specific washing instructions.

Do you have Media brand ambassadors and influencers?

We are continually looking for Influencers to promote our brand. If you think you have what it takes and have an instagram following of over 6k and your profile is selfie-centric with confidence shown in topless pictures (No matter what body size), get in touch with us, providing us with your instagram profile details, and let's see if we can work together. Positions are unpaid but we do not expect you to pay for your underwear that you represent either - that's just cheeky!

Why Have I been charged import tax?

Sadly, the way the world operates means that Import tax can sometimes be unavoidable - the amount it costs can differ from country to country and sometimes it doesn't exist at all. We are really sorry if you have to pay it as we very much know how much of a bummer it can be! If it's any consolation, we try to keep the cost of postage down as much as possible or, even better - buy a certain amount of underwear and get completely free shipping (though, not including import tax - sorry :-(